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CPAP travel tips: Everything you need to know

Whether it’s interstate or international, your CPAP machine should be on your packing list when you are planning to travel.  Here are a few CPAP travel tips to think about before you leave on your next holiday.

CPAP Travel Tips

Use your CPAP machine where ever you are going, even on the plane: Whether you’re on a business trip or a pleasure cruise, healthy and restorative sleep is the best way to get the most out of your stay.

Battery and power: When packing your travel CPAP machine, plan to bring a portable battery, just in case you don’t have access to a power outlet where you are sleeping. They’re great for camping, international or red-eye flights and also come in handy if there’s a power outage. The best news is that CPAP travel machines and batteries are getting smaller and lighter all the time.

  • Transcend have a small travel Auto CPAP machine designed for travelling. It´s one of the smallest, lightest and most portable Automatic machine on the market. It is powered by battery or a power outlet.

  • ResMed’s own portable battery, the lightweight ResMed Power Station II (RPS II), is less than a kilogram. Plus, it offers up to 13 hours# of power while you’re flying, camping or elsewhere away from an outlet. These features make the RPS II more powerful than the popular alternative of plugging your CPAP into a car’s cigarette lighter and much lighter than lugging around an extra car or marine battery.

    The RPS II charges from 0 to +95% in less than four hours simply by connecting it to an electrical outlet, and connects to ResMed's AirSense™ 10, AirCurve™ 10, S9™, Stellar™ and most S8 CPAP machines. 

See our full range of batteries and power packs here.

CPAP machine carry-on: If you are flying, we recommend carrying your CPAP machines and supplies with you on the plane. This is in case you want to sleep during the flight or your luggage is delayed or lost. This way, you will have peace of mind knowing your CPAP travel machine is always at hand.

Airline clearance: Print and carry with you a travel clearance form from your airline prior to your flight. This document will ensure that your CPAP travel machine abides by the airline’s rules and regulations.

Is this the CPAP system for travel?

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Portability is a major factor when it comes to travel, and the size of the ResMed AirMini certainly makes it a major contender when it comes to traveling with your CPAP. 

This compact and complete package will impress, whether you are looking for a portable travel CPAP machine or a primary device for your sleep apnea treatment.

For more information about the AirMini and travel possibilities, we've put together a guide about the AirMini here. Check it out! 

Find out more about the AirMini


Inform your airline of your machine’s needs: If you are planning to use your machine during your flight and don’t have a portable CPAP battery, ask the airline if you can sit close to a power outlet and, if so, confirm what type of power cord or adapter you’ll need to plug into the outlet. Adapters can be purchased from our online shop.

Take a medical certificate: Obtain and carry with you a letter from your doctor certifying your need for CPAP treatment.

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CPAP Machine Buying Guide

Pack an extension cord: If you are staying in a hotel room and find that there isn't a power outlet near your bed, having an extension will help to ensure you can still plug in your machine and set it up beside your bed.  

Using data management programs: A common question many CPAP users have is whether data management programs like ResMed’s myAir™ and Philips Dreammapper still work when travelling?

  • If you’re registered for myAir, ResMed’s free web program for tracking your CPAP treatment your machine will store all your usage data no matter where you are in the world and upload it as soon as you reconnect to the internet.
  • If you're registered for Dreammapper, Philips's CPAP treatment tracking app,  you can use Bluetooth mode to retrieve and update data from your device.

Update the time and date setting on your machine: If you have a newer CPAP machine, like the Philips Dreamstation or a ResMed AirSense, and are travelling to another timezone make sure you update the time and date of your machine to the new time and date. By doing this your sleep times will be recorded at the right time! And don't forget to change the time and date back again when you arrive home!

Consider upgrading your device: When it comes to traveling with your CPAP machine, buying the right CPAP machine for travel is the best first step you can take to making any future holidays or work trips easier. ResMed's AirMini machines are designed to be portable, lighter and easier to travel with. The AirMini is the smallest CPAP machine in the world* measuring 13.6 cm wide and weighs only 300 grams! If you think the AirMini is the solution you have been looking for, then find out how you can get your own on one of our rental payment plans.

For everything you need to know about buying the right sleep apnea therapy machine for you download our CPAP machine buying guide here.

#RPSII usage time will vary depending on your device and if you are using humidification. Talk to us for more information.
*Based on internal volume testing completed by ResMed prior to the publishing of this web page

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