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How to choose the right CPAP Mask

With the right therapy options, you should notice a substantial boost to your energy levels by getting a better night’s sleep.

One of the most important steps you’ll need to make is selecting the right CPAP mask. With a CPAP mask there isn’t a single mask type that suits everyone - we are all unique. By understanding your specific sleep habits, facial profile and individual breathing needs, you’ll be able to find the right type of CPAP mask that will ensure your treatment is successful.

With a wide variety of different CPAP mask styles, shapes, and sizes, choosing the one that works best for you can be a little daunting at first.

Most importantly, the mask needs to be comfortable.  If the CPAP mask you settle on isn’t comfortable, it may lead to ongoing issues rather than helping achieve your ultimate goal – ensuring you get a better-quality sleep every night.

What to consider before choosing your CPAP Mask

When it comes to selecting the right CPAP mask, take some time to consider the way you sleep.

Some of the important considerations include:

  •  Nose size - your nose size and profile may influence your choice of mask.
  • If you breathe through your nose or mouth (or both). 
  • Ask your partner to check if you keep your mouth open while sleeping. If you don't breathe through your nose, advice your Sleep Specialist of any medical reasons why this may be the case.           
  • If you tend to move about throughout the night, this could also influence the choice of mask that is most suitable.
  • Wearing glasses while reading and watching TV in bed or suffering from claustrophobia could influence your choice.
  • Facial hair will also need to be considered.

The CPAP Mask types

The range of masks generally fall into 3 main categories:

1. Nasal Pillows CPAP Masks

Nasal Pillows rest comfortably right on your nostril entrance. The soft silicone or gel cushion pillows look like headphone earbuds and create a seal around the nostrils which direct the pressurised air directly into your nose. The Nasal pillows are lightweight, allowing for minimal contact with your face.

Nasal Pillows allow you to experience a sense of openness and freedom. These unobtrusive masks are designed to keep your field of vision clear – perfect for those who wear glasses while reading or watching TV in bed!

By covering the least amount of area on your face, they are also ideally suited to anyone with a tendency to feel claustrophobic or who dislike too much touching their face.

While Nasal Pillows fit snugly and comfortably, they are particularly suitable for those requiring a lower level of air pressure or for those that sleep on their sides or stomach, as well as those with beards or dentures.

See Nasal Pillows CPAP Masks

2. Nasal CPAP Masks

The Nasal Mask covers your nose from the bridge to the upper lip area, and is ideal for those requiring a slightly higher air pressure. It provides a good compromise between the larger Full-Face Mask and the minimal Nasal Pillow.

Unlike the Nasal Pillow, the Nasal Mask delivers the airflow indirectly to your airway. However, like the Nasal Pillow, the Nasal Mask is made of lightweight and comfortable silicone or gel and offers you a variety of options.

While Nasal Masks also use an unobtrusive design, allowing for a clear field of vision, they provide slightly more coverage over the nose. In recent years, a variety of redesigns to Nasal Masks have seen them become lighter and less cumbersome, making them the most popular masks available on the market today. They are suited for those who breathe through the nose. Those who breathe through the mouth may need to use this mask with a chin strap to keep the mouth closed at night.

See Nasal CPAP Masks

3. Full-Face CPAP Masks

Unlike both the Nasal Mask or Nasal Pillow, the Full-Face Mask covers your entire mouth and nose. By covering a larger area of your face, the Mask is able to create a better seal over both of your airways.
These larger Masks are the ideal solution for those requiring higher pressure or if you tend to breathe through your mouth throughout the night.

Using adjustable side-straps, the Full-Face Mask covers your mouth, nose and much of your face. The outline of the Mask is a soft gel, ensuring an airtight and comfortable seal.

For anyone who prefers a snug fit or who mostly breathe through their mouth, the Full-Face CPAP Mask might be suitable. Designed to be as lightweight and non-intrusive as possible, it also suits anyone suffering from continued nasal congestion or a deviated septum.

See Full Face CPAP Masks


Choosing the right size

Most CPAP masks come in a range of sizes, which vary depending on the manufacturer. There may be a sizing templates available to help you choose the correct size. Some masks may have sizes such as “small, medium (standard) and large”. 

If you have not tried the mask on before, see if you can find a sizing template - such as the ones below. You can print these out and put it against your face to get an accurate estimation of which size is best for you!

> ResMed AirFit F30

> ResMed AirFit N30i

> ResMed AirFit F20 and AirTouch F20

> ResMed AirFit N20, AirFit N20 for Her, Swift FX Nano

> ResMed Mirage FX

> ResMed AirFit F10 and Quattro Air

> Philips Dreamwear Nasal

> F&P Simplus and Eson Full Face

If the mask you are interested in buying doesn't have a template or you are still not sure, you can visit a CPAP Australia store location to try one on. Alternatively - we offer a 14-day money back guarantee so you can buy online and try at home with peace of mind! 


Which CPAP mask should you choose?

It comes down to what suits your needs best, and with such a large range of alternatives to select from, you should never have to just accept a mask that makes you feel uncomfortable.

All ResMed CPAP masks have a head strap to help keep the mask in place while sleeping. Some are designed with headgear that can be disconnected easily, making them ideal for getting on and off quickly in the middle of the night if you need to visit the bathroom. By using soft silicone or gel that molds to the contours of your face, the modern range of masks offer unprecedented levels of comfort, with a variety of cushion sizes to fit everyone.

All of these features will offer you a different experience. By carefully examining the way you breathe and your sleeping patterns, you’ll be able to find the right type of CPAP mask that suits you.

How CPAP Australia can help you

CPAP Australia’s range of affordable CPAP masks ensures we have something to you.

Whether it’s a Nasal Pillow, Nasal Mask or Full-Face Mask, we have the right mask to suit your needs.

With all the latest products on the market from ResMed, Philips and Fisher & Paykel and FREE shipping on CPAP Masks across Australia, we can help you have restful sleep, ready to face the day ahead!

Try before you buy

At CPAP Australia, we also offer you the option of trialling a few CPAP masks to help you make the right choice. Contact us below to get in touch with one of our Sleep Professionals who can help you.

Request a CPAP Trial 


How a CPAP Trial can help you

If you are not sure that CPAP therapy is the right option for you, then this is an easy no-commitment way to try it at a low cost. Your trial CPAP machine and mask can be delivered straight to your door or picked up from one of our friendly clinics.

Our weekly trials of CPAP therapy use the latest ResMed devices and masks, starting at $35 per week. This will introduce you to CPAP and help you work out which mask and machine are going to be the best for you.

Request a CPAP Trial 

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