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Service and Support Program for Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) Clients

As an approved supplier for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, CPAP Australia are able to provide CPAP equipment for eligible DVA clients, and offer assistance with introduction, education, compliance monitoring and servicing of equipment.

To discuss CPAP therapy services for DVA eligible clients, call CPAP Australia on 1300 69 2727. Alternatively, contact the ResMed DVA Support Centre on 1800 625 088 for more information.

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Take Back Control Of Your Sleep Today

Symptoms of sleep apnea include snoring, drowsiness, and lack of energy. This is because your sleep is interrupted many times during the night.

The "7 Ways To Treat Sleep Apnea" eBook discusses seven treatment options for obstructive sleep apnea to help you regain control of your sleep.