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Special Offers

Whether you are after a special price for a new CPAP machine, mask or a complete sleep apnea package, this is where you can find all of our current promotions and special offers.

Check out our current specials right now:

We are over stocked!  Our accountant says we need to clear it. 

We've increased the discount on the following products to 30%. 
Each week the discount will increase until the excess stock is gone.  

Pick the time and the discount, but if you are too slow, you will miss out.

Get 30% off these products, right now!  


Simply add ANY OF THESE productS to your cart, THE 30% Discount will be applied at checkout.  

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36811 - Limited Stock.jpg   BJJB2X19 - Priced To Go.jpg   BJJB2X15 - Limited Stock.jpg

100955.jpg   1090604 - Only A Few Left.jpg   100277 - Priced To Go.jpg


400444A - Limited Stock.jpg   400476 -  Priced To go.jpg   400449 - Only A Few Left-1.jpg


Fisher and Paykel ICON Auto APAP Machine
Transcend II Travel Auto Machine
Swift FX Mask
Nuance Nasal Pillows Mask
H5i Humidifier and Climateline Tube
Wisp CPAP Mask
Advance Camo Mask
Advance LeopardSkin Mask
Resmed F10 CPAP Mask
Resmed N20 CPAP Mask

Terms and conditions apply. Discounts only available online.


Buy a pillow for $25 with any mask purchase

Simply add any mask to your cart, then add a Pillow for Side Sleepers to get it for $25.
That's a saving of $24.95!


[This offer can not be used with any other promotion]

Take Back Control Of Your Sleep Today

Symptoms of sleep apnea include snoring, drowsiness, and lack of energy. This is because your sleep is interrupted many times during the night.

The "7 Ways To Treat Sleep Apnea" eBook discusses seven treatment options for obstructive sleep apnea to help you regain control of your sleep.