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cpapiconEverything you need to know about CPAP machines, masks and accessories

Have you or your partner been diagnosed with sleep apnea? Are you doing some research on the different types of machines and masks? Or perhaps you are already an existing CPAP user, but looking at upgrading your machine.

While CPAP machines aren't as complicated as they seem to be, there are a number of new technology options which you understand before purchasing your next one.

Knowing the options available to you, how CPAP machines work, and how you can get the best treatment outcomes can help you to make the right choice when you’re ready to select a sleep apnea therapy machine.

Our free guide will help you to buy the right machine by providing you with detailed information about: 

  • The main parts of a CPAP machine
  • The types of CPAP masks that are available to choose from
  • What features to look for when purchasing a sleep apnea therapy machine
  • Tips for travelling with a CPAP machine
  • And plenty more…

Download this guide (PDF) today for a better night’s sleep!



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